Kate Percy and Mark Bolton-Jones at the New York Marathon Finishing Line

Back in 2000, Kate radically altered her family’s diet to help her husband, Mark, who was struggling in his training for the New York Marathon. Mark’s performance was totally transformed! Kate didn’t last long playing the dutiful wife to the heroic marathon runner. She decided to run a marathon herself. And the rest is history! 

Since then, Kate’s built a global community of active people who love her delicious, energy-giving food. Her best-selling recipe books and education programme are used by Olympians, Great Run, 220 Triathlon and the GB Youth Winter Olympic Development Squad. Most recently, to further her vision to inspire and fuel active lifestyles, she’s turned one of her recipes into a fantastic new product – Go Bites®.


Kate Percy’s Go Faster Food Books – Endorsed by top athletes and nutritionists, Go Faster Food, FuelSmart for Race Day and Go Faster Food for Kids bring sports nutrition into the everyday with really practical nutrition tips and AMAZING-tasting recipes! You’ll also find her recipes in 220 Triathlon where she’s in-house chef, in Running Fitness Magazine and Athletics Weekly or catch her advising the Great Run’s million plus subscribers.


Kate Percy’s Go Bites® – It was in 2015, whilst running a cooking demo and book promotion at Whole Foods Market in London, that Kate got the idea of turning one of her most popular recipes into a product. Customers just couldn’t get enough of her energy balls, which she was making with #GoFaster Ambassador,  British U21 Alpine Ski Racer, Rob Poth.

So, after a year of development Go Bites have landed! 100% natural, totally delicious balls of energy, expertly tailored by Kate to deliver the right type of energy at the right time.


Kate Percy’s #eatlikeanathlete Education Programme uses sport as a hook to engage both adults and children with the link between what we eat and how we perform, as well as inspirational young #GoFaster ambassadors as role models. Kate’s highly-acclaimed workshops and teaching resources are used by the GB Youth Winter Olympic Development Squad, the Vitality Half Marathon Series School’s Programme as well as schools both in the UK and internationally.

It’s a practical approach to food education which packs a punch!


Our #GoFaster Ambassadors – From Rio Olympians to regular athletes, our network of awesome ambassadors is growing all the time; they just love cooking Go Faster Food and fuelling their sport with our Go Bites!

Check out GB Pole Vaulter, Lucy Bryan and Rio Olympian, GB Long Jump Champion, Jazmin Sawyers, talking about their training and cooking up a #GoFaster feast on You Tube.


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