go bites with mocean

Go Bites® with Mocean in the Mountains

Cycling Go Bites® Top 10 tips

More or less every day we get the most incredibly uplifting photos and messages from people using our Go Bites®. Please keep them coming! We absolutely love them. So this week, the awesome mountain biker Tom Shopland sent us this beautifully written Go Bites® review. Thanks Tom. But next time, take us with you! In […]

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Can good nutrition enhance academic performance?

Kids Nutrition Top 10 tips

It’s now widely accepted that achieving potential in sport is not just about training hard. Healthy eating and making the right food choices is inextricably linked to better performance in sport, enabling practitioners to train, compete and recover stronger and faster. Active young people need good nutrition to support basic growth and development as well […]

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Top 10 Hydration Tips for Runners, London Marathon, Runners

Top 10 Hydration Tips

Hydration Running Top 10 tips

Top 10 Hydration Tips for Runners When my best running buddy, Mark, collapsed at the finish line of the London Marathon a few years ago it struck home to me that I needed to understand more about hydration during endurance sessions. Whatever your sport, many of us are pushing our boundaries to the limit to […]

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Fuel The Perfect Race!

Cycling Nutrition Running Top 10 tips

Wouldn’t it be perfect if your energy levels were at their very peak on Race Day? Well, they can be!  You’ve trained hard for this race, now it’s time to put the icing on the cake. Taper your training and tweak your diet right, you can ‘super-charge’ your muscles to have the race of your […]

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