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Go Bites in WHSmiths!

You can now buy our new fruity range of Kate Percy’s Go Bites in WHSmiths!  We have exciting news! You can now find our Go Bites in WH Smiths hospital shops nationwide. So if you’re a doctor, nurse, work for the NHS, or are visiting a loved one, you can give your day a little […]

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Thai Beef Noodle Salad

3 Nutritional Tips for Immune Health

We are at that time of year again when there are sniffles and coughs spreading like wildfire! The last thing active people want is to catch the dreaded lurgy – because that means (or should mean!) time away from training, or at least less effective training. We spoke to Sophie, our in-house nutritionist, to give […]

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Kate Percy's Go Bites from Go Faster Food


We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of 3 new fruity flavours of Kate Percy’s Go Bites energy balls! We have been working hard in the kitchen to develop something new, something a bit different to the rest of the energy balls and bars on the market … and here they are! Our zingy new range of […]

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Go Bites Variety Box COMPETITION!

COMPETITION Variety Boxes of Go Bites up for grabs! Gotta be in it to WIN WIN WIN it! WIN a variety box of 12 packs of our delicious GO BITES! Just like our instagram post and follow us on Instagram (@gofasterfood) and tell us what you’re doing on the #hottestdayoftheyear. Or folow us on Twitter, retweet, and […]

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Gut Feeling? The Benefits of Eating Fermented Foods.

There is a lot of buzz around fermented foods at the moment. The fact is, we’ve been eating fermented foods in our diets for years and years … yoghurt for example! Our nutritionist, Sophie Heath gives you the low-down on fermented foods and probiotics for you, explaining the science, the benefits and how to incorporate […]

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Go Bites roll into more Tesco Stores!

Things are going well at Tesco! After a successful trial we’re excited to announce that we’ve just rolled out into a further 200 stores! Even better, you’ll now find Kate Percy’s GO BITES in the queue area. Check out the A-Z list of our TESCO STORES – scroll down to find the store closest to you! […]

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New Exciting Relationship with Run Mummy Run

We are incredibly excited to announce our new link up with the lovely ladies at Run Mummy Run, the leading online running community for female runners. We’ll be supporting the community with a monthly facebook live cooking event, you’ll find our nutrition tips and #GoFaster recipes on the RMR website, plus a special members discount […]

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