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The Power of Dates

The Power of Dates

The Power of Dates, health benefits of dates, A natural source of sugar. Dates, Go Bites,

Brown and wrinkly, are dates really good to eat?

They are indeed! Stories about the health benefits of dates date back (excuse the pun) to biblical times. Dates are in fact one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world (there are over 2000 varieties!) and have been consumed for thousands of years across the Middle East.

Picked from the date palm tree, dates are then dried in the sun until they become sweet, soft and very tasty. A natural source of sugar, they are also packed with magnesium and fibre to help sustain you and keep you on track. Dates also contain essential minerals such as calcium, potassium and zinc.

In fact, 4 dates provide you with approx 15% of your daily potassium requirement, 20-30% of your fibre, and over 10% of your iron requirement. They also contain a healthy amount of vitamin B-6 and vitamin A, as well as the antioxidant polyphenol, which can help prevent cell damage and provides anti-inflammatory properties.

Dates also have a low Glycaemic Index (G.I.), which means that they release glucose slowly, rather than causing a huge spike in blood glucose like refined sugar gives you. That means your energy levels will be more sustained. So it’s a win-win – dates are sweet and brimming with good stuff! So much better to eat than refined sugar.

That’s why we use dates in our Go Bites!

Perfect to energise your day or to boost your workout.

So in summary, dates can:

  • keep you regular (that’s the fibre)!
  • help lower your cholesterol (that’s the fibre too)
  • keep your muscles, hair and nails strong and healthy (vitamins, anti-oxidants)
  • provide sustained energy (low G.I.)
  • help you recover after sport (potassium, calcium etc)
Try them in our Go Bites, of course. But why not try dates in recovery shakes, protein shakes, on your porridge and in cakes and desserts. I often add them to a Moroccan tagine too.
Or you may like to remove the pit, stuff them with cream cheese and top with a walnut or a toasted almond.
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