Frequently Asked Questions!

Frequently Asked Questions!

FAQs Kate Percy's Go Bites

What are Go Bites?

Go Bites are delicious little power-packs of energy: made from 100% natural ingredients combined and rolled together to create bite-sized energy balls. Originally designed for sportspeople for pre, during and after exercise, they are perfect for active people looking for a nutritious snack.

There are three flavours – Apricot & Seed; Date & Coconut; Hazelnut & Cacao – and we think once you taste them you’ll ditch the others and make Go Bites your go-to snack!

What’s in a Go Bite?

Above all else no nasties. The main ingredients are dried fruit & nuts or seeds. You’ll not find any refined sugar, artificial flavourings or sweeteners.  We’ve turned our back on them and focus on only natural energy. Go Bites are made with ingredients from natural sources – eight or less of them in fact – they’re high in fibre and our ‘purple one’ – Hazelnut & Cacao – is also a source of protein.

Why do you have three in each pack?

Practically speaking, the format.  For runners, hikers and cyclists it’s difficult to eat one big energy ball on the go so bite-sized, you tell us, is best – no wastage for a start and easily popped back into your running belt for more bites further down the track or when you are HANGRY…

They are gluten, dairy and wheat free and vegan-friendly – so an everyone-in, all-inclusive energy ball.

And of course … they are very, very tasty.

What’s more, we also donate 10% of net profits from the sale of every pack to our Eat Like An Athlete education programme. Delivered to corporates, schools and sports clubs, it’s designed to teach the link between eating well and performing better both mentally and physically. We do this through our practical programme of workshops and inspirational resources, which (of course) includes lots of hands-on cooking of Kate Percy’s delicious recipes.

How long will they last?

Each pack of balls has a shelf-life of 9 months. If you do have opened packets with Go Bites still left (we cannot imagine why this would be the case!) they are best stored in a sealed container. No need to go in the fridge.

Where are Go Bites made?

A secret UK location!

Are any of the ingredients in Go Bites raw. For example do you use raw cacao?

Yes, all our ingredients are raw.

Are all the Go Bites in the range dairy, wheat and gluten free? And what about vegan?

Whoop, whoop, yes!  The whole range is Free From gluten, wheat and dairy. And with absolutely no compromise on taste or nutritional credentials.  We are also vegan-friendly.

How many calories are in there?

Across all the ranges, there is no more than 46 calories per ball – under 140 calories per pack.

Are Go Bites suitable for diabetics?

Go Bites only have naturally occurring sugar and have less than 7g of sugar per ball. They are high in fibre too so the effect on blood sugar shouldn’t be too high. That being said, please talk to a doctor if you are still unsure.

Where can I buy them?

Well, as you’re asking you can buy them from the following retailers:
• Go Faster Food direct at – full range and subscription service
• Holland & Barrett stores and online
• Selected Tesco Extra stores and Tesco online:
• On Amazon
• Independent health and sports specialist shops throughout the UK

Do I get a discount if I buy them direct from you?

You will always get the best prices buying Go Bites direct from us, especially if you sign up to our monthly subscription service.

Can I mix and match my Go Bites?

Hell yeah!  We have a Variety Box with four packs of each flavour especially for those of you – and there are many – that like to pick ‘n mix it up.

Do you charge delivery?

We don’t make any charge for delivery in the UK

Do you deliver abroad?

Yes we do. Just enter the country you’d like your delivery to go to and the postage costs will be calculated.

Any other questions? Please do get in touch at [email protected].