Go Bites® with Mocean in the Mountains

Go Bites® with Mocean in the Mountains

go bites with mocean

More or less every day we get the most incredibly uplifting photos and messages from people using our Go Bites®. Please keep them coming! We absolutely love them. So this week, the awesome mountain biker Tom Shopland sent us this beautifully written Go Bites® review.

Thanks Tom. But next time, take us with you!

In June 2017, I took a busman’s holiday from Mocean and drove out to Morzine in the Northern Alps of France for 2 weeks of downhill mountain biking with my bag packed full of Go Bites® by Go Faster Food in all their wonderful flavours; date and coconut, apricot and seeds, hazelnut and chocolate. Mmm.

As I packed my ride bag for my first day on the mountain, the first thing that stood out to me about the Go Bites® was how light they were and how many I could squeeze into my small 15L Camelback, which was already filled with spare inner tubes, tools and my lunch. The Go Bites were so light in fact I had to read the nutritional content and was surprised to read the vast array of nutrients and power these little pocket rockets were delivering in such a dense form. I mentally awarded the little Go Bite in my hand one gold star for its weight, size and nutritional power.

Go Bites® in the mountainsIn my experience leading groups on outdoor team building experiences with Mocean, we often have our bags filled to the brim with first aid kits and spare equipment, so being able to squeeze in maximum nutritional substance for minimal space is really important and often quite difficult to achieve, especially when we’re the ones carrying it all!  Mocean improve employee engagement and welfare by taking companies like Lloyds Bank and Deloitte out for awesome team building experiences such as conquering the UK’s three highest peaks and are based in Bristol and London.

The next gold star for me was for the real natural substances like dates, raisins, hazelnuts and apricots. When I go out mountain biking or on a team building experience with Mocean in the Mendips near Bristol, I often fill my bag with sugary pick me ups like sweets and energy gels, as any experienced mountaineer or cyclist would recommended when going out for day long adventures. However these items are often only full of sugar and leave a sickly sweet taste in your mouth, the actual nutritional content is generally pretty poor and doesn’t power you for long. The Go Bites are far more wholesome and are so full of goodness they actually count as one of your five a day. Definitely a gold star for texture and taste – maybe even two for the hazelnut and chocolate!

Overall, I was very impressed with the compact energy offered in the Go Bites and would recommend them to any outdoor enthusiast. They will definitely be my energy snack of choice on further Mocean team building experiences. My main issue in Morzine was that I would always have to share them out with my hungry biking companions!

Tom Shopland is from Mocean, a company which specialises in employee engagement and team building founded by mountain leader, Mick Lindsay. More info about Mocean’s awesome team building experiences at www.m-ocean.co.uk