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Pro-Direct_Running2010I do love receiving surprise packages but my joy often turns to disappointment when I find the package contains some techy bike gear my husband has ordered or a present for one of the kids rather than something actually for me. But no, this time it really was for me – a package from Prodirectrunning : a

I had never contemplated going on a weekend running camp before I was asked by Chris Donald at Purple Patch Running, who runs the Running Free camps


I’ve just put up a new link on Go Faster Food for the most amazing site -

A fresh approach to carbo-loading

I’ve just spent the past 9 hours doing a post-marathon clean of the house. What a workout! I have absolutely no need to run or go to the gym today! I have to say that when in training I do become a master of the art of “skim cleaning” – it is just one of those chores which gets put on the back burner as I hate it so much, so the place really needed some serious attention!

We had our first taste of the new season’s peas today. Exquisite and packed with nutrients, with good amounts of vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein. Popped directly from their pods, they taste unbelievably good. There are all sort of ways of cooking peas if you can manage not to eat them straight from the pod –

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