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10 5 Star Amazon Reviews for Go Faster Food

I am really grateful to all those who have put up a review of Go Faster Food on Amazon. I’ve got a total of 10 reviews now – all 5 * - – ranging from serious cyclists, runners, rowers, triathletes and ironmen to recreational athletes looking for information on how to fuel themselves and inspiration on what to cook and feed their families.

Thank you everyone for your help and support…and for trying out and enjoying my recipes!

HAPPY 2010!!

I’m back now on the frozen UK soil. I’ve got over the shock of the low temperatures and decided that

Keith Floyd

I didn’t want the day to pass without mentioning the sad death of Keith Floyd. Keith Floyd’s Floyd on France was the first recipe book I ever bought (and I own a few!) and I think his TV programme which accompanied the book was probably the first cookery programme I ever watched. To me his was an inspiration, a proper cook who always had a nice glass of wine to hand and gave the impression of cooking by feel, with a splash and a dash of this and that, rather than confining himself to strict measurements. He clearly loved food and absolutely adored what he did. Despite his splash and dash approach his recipes are always very clear, to the point and easy-to-follow, avoiding the wordy waffle you get in some cookbooks. I still remember making his unbelievably delicious pate de truites for the first dinner I cooked my parents in my first flat- a layered pate of trout and salmon with Moselle wine, fragrant fresh herbs like chervil and parsley, eggs and cream, all wrapped in flaky pastry and served with a butter sauce. Just gorgeous….but definitely for a treat only as, unfortunately, it is absolutely stuffed with saturated fat!

His blog shows just what a fun, nice chap he must have been -

It has been a busy weekend – the book signing on Saturday, the Bristol Half on Sunday followed by a lovely post half lunch at friends and then my birthday

Book Signing – Go Faster Food

Come and say hello to me at Borders, Queen’s Road, Bristol on Saturday 5th September, 11.30 – 12.30, especially if you’re about to run the Bristol Half – I’ll be offering advice on nutrition and recipes for training and signing copies of my book.

Here’s the link to the Borders site

Haile Gebrselassie

I’ve been invited onto Radio Bristol’s Dinner party Hour on Saturday morning (9-10 if anyone’s interested!). I’ve got to choose 4 people, dead or alive, that I’d like to invite to dinner, what I’d serve to eat and drink and what music I’d play.

Feature in Running Free Magazine

Click here for my feature in Running Free Magazine – it’s on pages 22 and 23.

Running Free Magazine is a really informative and well-written magazine and although it is FREE, it is not absolutely stuffed with annoying ads! It is available in most running shops, on-line or you can subscribe and have it sent to your door.

Smoothies 4

So what is in Andy Murray’s drinks bottle?

It’s really hotting up out there and any physical activity takes on a new level of commitment when it’s hot outside. I have found it really hard to motivate myself to run in this week’s heat, partly because of the temperature and partly because I am expending so much energy with the various launches of Go Faster Food that I have been lacking in any spare! Tonight, however, I have no excuse. the boys will be playing cricket for a couple of hours and I will find somewhere shady to run.

Watching Andy Murray play last night was an inspiration. The match started at about 6 pm and didn’t actually finish until 3 hours and 56 mins later. There were points in the match where both he and/or Wawrinka looked absolutely exhausted and I did notice that they were given a little snack to eat at about 9.30…quite rightly. No matter how fit either of them are, you cannot play for such a long time without something to top the glycogen levels and replace minerals that you will have lost through sweat. Andy will have had a cleverly formulated mix, probably with the right combination of glucose, sodium, potassium and other minerals to help sustain his energy and concentration levels. I just hope that he managed to get in some recovery food and drink so that he can endure the next match tomorrow.

For us mortals who do not have a sports nutritionist to care for our daily diet and our hydration strategies, take a look at my article on hydration for some good tips – Running in the heat.

Just staggered in from running the Stockholm Marathon to find this lovely book review waiting for me from the resident runner at Fitness Footwear. Thanks a lot Adam, I’m glad you liked the book!

Go Faster Food Book Review

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