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I just picked up my two boys, plus French exchange boy, Max, from Elektrik 3, Olly Barkley’s new rubgy academy. They had a truly awesome day!

Olly Barkley, England star and centre and fly-half for Bath, with the help of some of the biggest names in rugby, has launched an amazing rugby academy for children at Colston’s School in Bristol. Four really good training sessions with proper rugby stars – in my boys case, Matt Banahan and Luke Narraway – interim sessions such as nutrition “What do rugby players eat”, how to prepare for and recover after games and what it’s like to be a

Pro-Direct_Running2010I do love receiving surprise packages but my joy often turns to disappointment when I find the package contains some techy bike gear my husband has ordered or a present for one of the kids rather than something actually for me. But no, this time it really was for me – a package from Prodirectrunning : a

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