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Hello and welcome to my first blog, which will be a combination of a running blog and a food blog.

My name is Kate Percy. I am a marathon runner and a cook. I adore running and I adore cooking, so I have decided to write a recipe book for endurance sports people called Go Faster Food which combines imaginative, delicious and energy-boosting recipes with practical nutritional tips to help amateur athletes increase their stamina and achieve their personal best. It is not published yet, but when it is you’ll be able to buy it on my website http://www.gofasterfood.com.

I have just got a “good for age” entry into the
Flora London Marathon 2008 and I intend to blog the progress of my training for this and talk about different foods and recipes which are helping me along the way. I have achieved a faster time with each marathon I have run – it is a learning curve really – but this time I want to really go for it. My friend Adam who runs marathons in 2:40 has lent me a book call Advanced Marathoning (Pete Pfitzinger & Scott Douglas) and I am going to follow one of the training schedules in this book – it looks pretty tough but I’ll give it a go….

I am starting my training a bit late – I did a little training before Christmas but then went skiing in the States (Jackson Hole – fantastic) and I am afraid that the last thing I wanted to do after a full day of demanding powder skiing was to run in the hotel gym. So now I am back in the UK, I only have 13 weeks left to go and I had better get my finger out! I had a big bowl of porridge with walnuts and honey for breakfast and then did an 8 mile run in a howling gale. I think the jet lag has got the better of me, as I was pretty slow. Let’s hope tomorrow gets faster and easier with a little more sleep.

Keep posted and I will pop in a couple of recipes next time.

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