Go Faster Food - Food and Nutrition for Active PeopleWith a smile on your face and a super-fuelled body you can push yourself that extra mile, faster...
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Welcome to Go faster Food - food and nutrition for athletes
With a smile on your face and a super-fuelled body you can push yourself that extra mile, faster...

If you're looking to gain the edge, then read on! Kate Percy's unique combination of practical nutrition advice and mouth-watering, energy-fuelled recipes will supercharge your performance!

Nutritionally-balanced, healthy, but most first and foremost, unbelievably delicious, Go Faster Food is designed to power you through your life so you can achieve your very best!


Hello, and welcome to Go Faster Food. Since launching in 2009, my 'Go Faster' diet, or way of eating, has been fuelling thousands of active people through their everyday lives and their sports, be they running, triathlon, cycling, football, rugby, rowing, kayaking, skiing, hiking and many more besides.  An endurance and fresh air junkie, I've been running marathons and cross-country for many years.  Combining my experiences as a cook with the latest scientific evidence, my extensive range of healthy, mouth-watering and energy-charged recipes make good nutrition easy, fun and extremely tasty! My recipes have even inspired people to get into cooking!

Delicious, healthy food which will pack your life with vigour so you can achieve your personal best ... with a smile! 

Enjoy this website and do get in touch if you have any comments; I and my team would love to hear from you!


"An essential item for your kit bag. Enjoy cooking up some better sporting performances with this great book!" Liz Yelling, Marathon Runner, Double Olympian & Commonwealth Bronze Medallist.

Want to get the very best from your diet to boost your running, triathlon, cycling, football, rugby, rowing, kayaking, skiing, hiking .... or, indeed, if sport's not your thing, your everyday life?  With a unique combination of tasty recipes and nutritional advice all geared towards enhancing your sports performance, Go Faster Food will help you achieve your full potential.

"As 220 Triathlon's exclusive 'chef', Kate caters for the busy athlete without compromising on flavour, developing delicious dishes that are ideal for fueling before, during and after exercise." Elizabeth Barrett, 220 Triathlon Magazine.

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Every home with children should have a copy of this book!” Gillian Poth, mother of UK’s no 1 U18 downhill skier, and BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year nominee, Robert Poth.  

Eating the right food will give kids the edge. In sport. In the classroom. In life. 

With her top healthy eating advice and 101 delicious, fuss-free recipes to help children be the best they can be, Kate Percy, author of the highly-acclaimed bestseller, Go Faster Food, uses her direct experience as an athlete, cook and mother of three, to demystify children's nutrition, making it totally delicious, yet accessible, practical and fun. 

Kate makes sense of food for parents and children alike, inspiring them to eat well by linking what we eat to how we perform, clearly demonstrating the benefits by using 'Go Faster Kids' as role models.

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